Table submission form

Welcome to the table submission form.  Most things are self-explanatory.

The results of this form are updated manually, so expect a delay between submitting the form and the table appearing on the site.  I reserve the right to be lazy about updating the tables page, because I know myself too well.

If you do not have a way to host the file for me to download, I suggest going to and making a dummy account.  Then upload the file(s) there, and put the correct links into the form.

Single zip files are easier to manage, so if you have fonts/music and want VP to host the table for download, that would be the best way.

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This is an update to an already submitted table
Original Credits (If the table is a remake):
Web Site (if any):
Download URL: (Include if you want people to be able to download your table from VP, instead of going to your page):
Font (Name, or download URL if not included in download file)
Music (Name, or download URL if not included in download file)
Screenshot URL
Rule Sheet URL (if available, and not included in download)